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Program Directors' Corner

Topics with Sublinks

Fundraising Information  

Food for Fundraisers Thought: Direct mail makes a difference (by Sandra Miller)

Quarterly Reporting Forms

Information Gathering Forms

Helping You Handbook

National CASA Standards for CASA Programs

Working with Your Board

Human Resources- Example Documents

Sample documents from National CASA Program guide http://www.casanet.org/program-services/guides/guide-program-development/index.htm

Sample Working Agreement Ad Litem

Arkansas State Standards

Crisis Management Manual

Diversity Plan

Interstate Compact on the Placement of Children and CASA

DHS-CASA Working Agreement

Volunteer Management Tips from National CASA

Ten Things to Know About Budgets  

sample budget (Excel)

Ethics and Conduct

Internal Controls

Volunteer Monthly Reporting Form

Click here for listings of helpful websites

Click here for a link to the listserve archives

Background Checks

Public Awareness

Substance abuse treatment centers in Arkansas.

Recruitment Guidelines

First Letter to potential volunteer

Sample Diversity plan

application for VISTA:  https://recruit.cns.gov/applyform.html  

Links to mental health providers in Arkansas:






Link to MidSouth Training opportunities: